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Now you can lock your makeup and brows on the go in just minutes.

The set includes our travel-size Beauty Water Fix It Spray, BROWzing™ Brow Gel and BROWzing™ Brush for a fresh and healthy glow that lasts all day. 

Beauty Water Fix It Spray is an alkaline water-based vegan hydrating spray infused with jojoba, rose water, coconut fruit, Vitamin E essential oils and setting agents to lock makeup all day long while giving skin a fresh, healthy glow.

BROWzing™ Brow Gel Freeze is a customizable brow-styling wax that lifts, scuplts and locks every hair for the feathered brow look you’ve always wanted. This vegan, cruelty-free formula provides all-day extreme hold for full-bodied brows.

BROWzing™ Brow Brush is the perfect vegan eye accessory. One end helps shape, create and sculpt brows, and the other end is ideal for applying eye shadows or lining with cream color bases.